2 Water Wizards that are gaurding a Wall Door

A Water Wizard is much more powerful than it's Wizard hero. This can be obtained by Cash Package (or possibly as a Gold Member Bonus) and free darts. It's weapons are the Whirlpool, a blue tornado that shoots a water burst just like the water wizard itself. Each Water Wizard can only spawn two Whirlpools at once, but the sheer strength of them can easily take down the toughest of troll groups.

I don't know if they are creating anything that can train these in something similar to the Wizard Academy (probably will be named '[Element] Wizard Academy').

Here is the stats table:

Health 475
Attack Damage 22
Attack Delay 25
Attack Range 8
Unit Speed 4

I don't know if another oppurtunity to get these will come, but with a bit of luck they probably will!



This is the original Water Wizard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>


The official stats table of the Water Wizard