Vulcano Dragon

Vulcano Dragon

The Vulcano Dragon can be obtained through a tournament, the main prize for the dart game, and can be bought in the units page with cash, can possibly be bought for 50 cash by losing a battle on the mobile version (may result in a different dragon), it can be found in cash boxes, via Soul Mixing and from the Daily Bonus. You can also transform into a Vulcano Dragon using a Rainbow Dragon.there is also a chance that you can mix the rainbow dragon and willy wallace in the soul mixer (no power up for the first time.)


Vulcano Dragon Rider

Vulcano Dragon Rider

Fire Balls:- Shoots fire balls at a single enemy.

Fireball Rain - Rains down firey meteors on top of multiple enemies.

Whirlwind - Spins around quickly knocking enemies away.

Summon Draggies: Spawn Vulcano draggies (3 max).

Limit Bar: Rotates and unleashes Red lightning to multiple enemies.

Vulcano dragon 2

vulcano dragon with draggy

Vulcano Draggy

Vulcano Draggy can be obtained by being spawned by Vulcano Dragon, Soul Mixer and Unit Packs.A Vulcano Dragon can only spawn max 3 living Vulcano Draggies. It can spawn more if the draggies died.

Vulcano Dragon
Vulcano dragon
Health Health
Attack Damage Damage
Range Range
Attack Delay Attack delay
Speed Speed
Population PopulationEDIT
Obtained From
Tournament,Buy with Cash, Daily Bonus