Vulcano Draggy

The Vulcano Draggy.

Vulcano Draggy Info

The Vulcano Draggy's stats.


The Vulcano Draggy is the hatchling of the Vulcano Dragon. Only three summoned draggies max.

The Vulcano Draggy is obtained by summoning (dissapear if map reloads/page is refreshed),or soul mixing or the unit packs buying. (This will not dissapear).


Health: 475

Attack: 27

Range: 8

Speed: 8

Delay: 30

Population: 2


  • This makes it a good bait unit to get enemies to follow.
  • By using draggies you will be able to attack towers with them, sparing the troops who would die trying to destroy them. If one of the three draggies die a new one can be re-summoned.