(Troll camps) Troll Quests are missions inside empire's land.

Most of the missions are that trolls kidnapped units, villagers, etc. in most of the missions empires need to defeat all of the trolls in the map, but in some of the missions empires need to save buildings or get "keys".

List of troll missions + Prizes

Chapter 1:Defeat All Trolls Prize-1X Princess Warrior

Chapter 2:Save The Rangers Prize-3X Rangers

Chapter 11:Caught allies Prize- 4X Alliance Knight

Chapter 15: prize- 2X Chinese Archers

Chapter 16: Golden Golem down! prize- 2X Egyptian warriors 1X Anubis Avatar

Chapter 17: Ale retrieved! prize- 1X Viking 1X Viking ship

Chapter 18: Black yeti defeated! prize- 2X Viking 2X Axe Viking

Chapter 19: The aztec gods prize- 1X Aztec calendar

Chapter 20: Giant Vyper defeated! -none

Chapter 21: Nature in Danger! prize- 2X Elf Archer

  • Chapter 22: The Death Paraoh prize- 1X Camel Rider 1X Egyptian Warrior