Town hall 1

The Town hall is the heart of any empire, that's why when you attack someone else, you need to destroy his or her Town hall. They are also found in some quests.

The Stats of your villager depends on the level of the town hall.

The first town hall create's Villager I, who can gather 3 resources at a time.

As the Town hall's level raises the villager's resource gathering stat raises.
  • Town Hall 4
  • Town Hall 3
  • Town hall 2
  • Town hall 1

Town halls:

  • Town hall l: regular villager
  • Town hall ll: villager ll (mines/cuts two aditional resources)
  • Town hall lll:villager 3 (Unknown infos)
  • Town hall Vl:villager 4 (cuts 11 trees in a row)
  • Golden hall: the last town hall level which allow you to train villager 5 (has 1 aditional speed than the other villager, if combined with an academy he'll have a speed of 9)