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The Tourney mode allows players to fight against 3 other players to earn prizes. Each player chooses 20 units from his/her army for the fight. Note that the units who died in the tourney will be revived. The player who gets the most points will win the prize.

As of October, 2013, the Tourney has completely changed.A random Epic Dragons can now be obtained at the Elite tourney.The Friends Tournament turned into a button clickable at the bottom.You can change your team before entering or when you already picked your tournament.When you joined, a button "Check Status Now" appeared.Honor Points are added next to your score.


There are 9 difficults, the harder, the better the prize.

Difficulty Newbies Skillful Amateur Mid-Level Advanced Proffesional Elite
Cost 500G 2000G 5000G 15000G 15 Cash 30 Cash 50 Cash


+random ground units


+random skilled units


+random advanced units


+random advanced units

30 Cash

+random dragons

60 Cash

+random Extreme Dragons

100 Cash

+random Epic Dragons

Avaibility Always Always Always


(Gold Members)

Always Always


(Gold Members)


Friends Tourney

The ninth difficult is Friends Tourn. The player can create a new tourney just for him and his friends based on the day's tournament's prizes.

Units prizes

Alongside with the prize money, players who won the tourney will get a unit prize. The prizes are changing on a daily basis, except for the Weekly Gold, The weekly gold's prizes are dragons, from Angelical Dragon and 10.000 gold(10th prize) to the 3-Headed Primal Dragon and 100.000 gold (1st prize).and 50000000 gold can be achived if you win 100 tournaments of mid level

The unit prize is usally rare and strong unit, lots of the "one day offers" are now serving as tourney prizes.

Tounament arena

The place where players battle each other.

The Sandy arena will serve the player's army in it's fight. Trolls and peoples are watching as crowd when the player battle his enemy.



  • Don't waste time in the arena! The points you get are based on: Won? + Army left + Time took.
  • Units in your gift box count! Use them in the tourney without getting them out of the gift box!
  • If you don't have lots of gold or cash, don't try hard difficults, if you lose, you'll lose the gold too!
  • Use the strongest and the best units you have right now.