Tiger Spider (Unit)
Tiger Spider

Tiger Spider

Tiger Spider is the 1st & most common spider in Social Empires. The 2nd & rarest being the Spiky Spider. The Tiger Spider is hatched from the Monster Breeding Nest or can be bought from the Units page. It can be encountered on Monsters Isle in a group of about 8 near a T-Rex.

Attack 37
Attack Delay 30
Range 7
Speed 5
HP 1400


Web Shot: It can root enemies in place with its web & do 1 damage over time.

Leg Lash: Can lash 2 of it's legs up front at enemies.

Quick Twirl: If enemies get too close it spins real quick & knocks them back but doesn't do any damage. 

Teeth bite: If enemies are in medium range(2-3) bites with it Teeth and possibility to do "Leg lash".


  • It can be easily obtained with the Monster Breeding Nest.
  • There's an actual species in real life called a tiger spider.
  • It's possible that the Tiger Spider could be more like a taurantula since taurantulas are big & have massive fangs.
  • It has a boss counterpart in Social Wars but they attack much differently.
  • It has 4 red eyes.
  • It has big fangs compared to the size of its head.
  • There is a bump on it's head.