T-Rex barrack

The T-Rex Barrack


The T - Rex

T - Rex is a Special Unit that is part of 2 other T-Rex units. This unit has an unique way to attack its enemies, randomly, he will pick up and swallow his victim.

Can be Trained in Monster Nest,and is Next from King Kong. The T-Rex can also be trained in the T-Rex Barrack that is limited edition.

Or the new elite squad Barracks


Attack -- 33

Attack Delay -- 30

Range -- 1

Speed -- 4

Health -- 1500


T - Rex' s Stats

T-Rex's Banner from October 9th, 2011:

T-rex Poster

T - Rex Banner


As seen in the banner, the T - Rex eats it's enemies, every enemy that being eaten will take a heavy amount of damage. Only a few enemies can survive this attack.

T - Rex' s secondary attack is spinning its tail. This attack will swipes all enemies nearby.

Fire T - Rex

The Fire T - Rex is a special T - Rex update. It was also a once-a-day offer but is available as tourney prize once in a while.

Fire T - Rex Stats

Attack -- 34

Attack Delay -- 35

Range -- 1

Speed -- 5

Health -- 1600


T - Rex and Fire T - Rex

T-Rex Knight

The T-Rex Knight is a unique variant of the T-Rex. As the name depicts, it is a barbarian mounting a Brown T-Rex.
Trex knight

T-Rex Knight and stats

Attack -- 35

Attack Delay -- 30

Range -- 1

Speed -- 4

Health -- 1650