Mummy was released during the Egyptian civilization promotion, was offered to be buyed with real money only and you only could buy it once.  At this time, you could get it by Soul Mixing if you luckly enough.  Despite its low stats and good attacks, Mummy became one of the useful units to soulmixing purposes, as seems it triggers non-standard outcomes for units, depending on the other unit you are using for the mixing, and more times that outcome will not be repeteable after reloading the map. It is key to get another useful units to "advanced" soul-mixing.


  • Life:   500
  • Attack: 25
  • Range: 1
  • Speed: 5
  • Delay: 35
  • Population: 1

Special attacks

  • Scarabs: Call up to 8 Scarab Minions to help, they'll dissapear after 8 seconds.
  • Tornado: Call a Tornado to bash enemies while dealing damage; lasts 8 seconds too.
  • Oil Spoillage:  Flames will engulf from below in a 5x5 area.
  • Giant Mummy: Exactly what it means. Lasts for 10 seconds 

Scarab Minion

Scarab Minion STATS

Scarab Minion´s Stats

Life: 200

Attack: 20

Range: 1

Delay: 20

Speed: 7

Scarab Minion will disapear if summoned by Mummy or any other unit (like Scarab Raider)  but will remain if you obtained it as unit, by buying unit packs (extremelly rare) or on Soul Mixer (very rare).