Healers are units who heals other units.

Healer near the Church

How to get

You can obtain healers by completing the Church or by rescuing them from Trolls.

Healers' Skills and stats

Healers can heal other units within a certain range.

Healers can't attack or heal themselves, but they can heal each other.

Healers stats:

Heal- 15

Attack delay- 120

Speed- 3

Range- 5

Health Points- 50


  • Healing units within range
  • Any retreating units to the attacking position will be healed
  • Revive with Food and Gold at low price if they are dead


  • Obtainable trough Church
  • Heals 15 Health Points in certain times
  • Low Health Points for each Healer unit
  • If in rush to heal units, considerable action to allocate population whether in Villagers or attack/defense units is required.
  • sold separately


It's good to make 20 or more healers (Consider again to Villagers and attacking units) if you can, because they heal slowly. You will require a large amountm of them to heal effectively.

Keep your healers away from enemy, and the tower. It's good to keep them behind your unit's to heal safely.

In certain situations of a battle (Ex: attacking tower in Quests), when you don't want to lose any of your special units, try to pull back your army into a safe position. This would take a time but more survived units, more reward you can get.