}} Galaxy Dragon is a promotional unit that was given away to anyone who has reached level 10 in Social Wars, a relative game of Social Empires. It was replaced by the Infernal Dragon. It can be mounted by Dragon Rider III only. It can now also be obtained in the soul mixer, and in the login reward.



A Galaxy Dragon rider

  • Galaxy Ball Launches a stream of energy spheres.
  • Galaxy Explosion Creates a supernova AOE which inflicts damage ranging from 50-80 to nearby enemies and knocking them back.(recalls attack pure energy of dragon city)
  • Galaxy Whirlwind Galaxy Dragon will Spin and create a vortex that damages and knocksback any enemy it touches.
  • Spawn Minions Spawns a Galaxy Draggy (maximum of three).
  • Limit - It strikes healing lightnings for every unit around it, regenerating 61 points of health in a few seconds, But doesnt heal itself.


  • It's counterpart is arguably the Rainbow Dragon, which requires level 10 in Dragon City to obtain. Since the 
  • Rainbow Dragon can turn into 4 other dragons but the Galaxy Dragon has more health and strength, it is reccomended to get both. (Now Infernal Dragon and Crystal Dragon)
  • It is heavily based off Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • This is the first dragon to be based off of a Yu-Gi-Oh card, the second being Star Dragon, which is based off of Stardust Dragon .
  • Although this dragon seems to be powerful in appearance, it cannot stand up well in combat after level 30
  • This is NOT considered a Bahamut Dragon despite it's appearance.

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Galaxy Dragon attacking a Giant Golem along with other units

Galaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon
Health Health
Attack Damage Damage
Range Range
Attack Delay Attack delay
Speed Speed
Population PopulationEDIT
Obtained From
Losing in iOS battle and buying one for 50 Cash; Daily Bonus
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