This page is for all units with a range of 8. 8 range is good against smaller, weaker players. Eight range might be able to take down weak towers but not strong ones.


1. The Bait

Step 1: Assemble a group of 8 Ranged units halfway between your opponent. Step 2: Send out a weak unit to your opponent. Step 3: When your bait tries to kill the unit make him rush back to the group. Step 4: When your bait arrives he will be attacked and most likely killed. Step 5: Repeat from Step 2.

2. The Attack

Step 1: Send out your high life units to attack. Step 2: Send out your healers.(If any) Step 3: Send out your weak, long range units to attack.

How To BeatEdit

1. Use 'The Bait' Tactic. 2. Straight out Attack! 3. Send out hard hitting, high health units.

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