The Epic Dragons can be obtained by unit packs or if some time later on,you could get them by the offer.


Neon Epic Dragon Size Comparison

Size comparison between a Neon Epic Dragon & a Rainbow Dragon

They' have massive wings that are usually bigger than their heads. Some are rather beautiful compared to the normal dragons such as the Neon Epic    Dragon , Jewel  Epic Dragon & many more. Most seem to  float in the air when not chained up & some never land. (Ex. T'he Galaxy Dragon after flying lands on its feet.) They can be obtained by buying with real money or winning in a tournament.

Special FeaturesEdit

Epic Dragons are unique in shape, size, type & color. They have a different shapes of wings. Some like the Skull Epic Dragon have veil-like wings, others like the Nebula Epic Dragon have strange-shaped wings, a few like the Red-Hot Epic Dragon have the usual dragon-wing shape, others like the Jewel Epic Dragon have what looks like outlines of wings, a few like the Enel Epic Dragon have what looks like spikes in the shape of wings, one Epic Dragon the Shogun Epic Dragon has wings that look & move like a moth's wings. Some Epic Dragons have 'crowns' that either float or rest behind the head of the dragons. Most Epic Dragons don't have a 'crown'. Some of the newer Epic Dragons have only 4 limbs, 2 front legs & 2 wings. Surprisingly, their heads are actually smaller than their wings. The Easter Dragon is not an Epic Dragon.

Information on AttacksEdit

Probably the best way to get information on these beasts attacks without buying them is to watch videos or look for the offers that show all of it's attacks. When these dragons are chained up, you can see them performing atleast ONE of their attacks. Sometimes you see them doing a whirlwind attack, others shoot balls or they cause a type of explosion. They are NEVER seen spawning a draggy. Only the Electric Extreme Dragon has been seen with pre-spawned Draggys.

Taiji Epic Dragon Offer

Taiji Epic Offer

Supernova Explosion

Nebula Epic's attack in action

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