The Bahamuts are one of the most common yet powerful dragons in the game. Epic Dragons out number the Bahamuts.They are harder to find than most dragons while some can be encoutered on certain Islands while others can only be seen in the Units Collection.But Royal Bahamut and Supreme Bahamut outpower them.You can soul mixer the electric bahamut dragon by Anubis god with black bahamut dragon


There are 11 types of Bahamut Dragons.


All Bahamuts follow pretty much the same looks with minor differences. They all have 6 limbs, talons, claws & a long tail. They appear to have a masculine chest and abs for except Sky Bahamut Dragon,Royal Bahamut Dragon & Supreme Bahamut Dragon. There are only minor differences between Bahamuts. Red Bahamut Dragon is the only one with firey wings; Golden, Black, Sky & Paladin & Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon have feathers; Green Bahamut Dragon is the only one with normal dragon leathery wings; Pharaoh has Egyptian armor on; Paladin has armor on & Electric Bahamut is the only one with electricity in the wings.However, there is only one dragon unlike the other's appearence: The Fireborn Bahamut Dragon and the Waterborn Bahamut Dragon.


The Bahamut Dragons have unique attacks that diffrientiate them from the other dragons except the ability to spawn draggies or shoot balls. Their attacks do a high amount of damage.


There's a VERY small chance that you'll see a Supreme Bahamut Dragon, Sky Bahamut Dragon,Royal Bahamut Dragon & Paladin Bahamut Dragon in anyone's empire. The Sky Bahamut Dragon & Paladin Bahamut Dragon are probably the rarest of the Bahamuts since they're only avalible via Soul Mixer,Units Packs, and offers.

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