The Ancient Dragons are the newest type of dragon in Social Empires. So far they can only be obtained by buying with real money when the offer appears/ Buying from unit packs.

About the AncientsEdit

The Ancient Dragons are a new type of dragon in Social Empires. They are huge-sized units that differ from the other types of dragons not only on the look ans size but on abilities,too,as you will see .Their appearance of this dragons seems to resamblance the one of the Ancient Dragon, one of the rarest and strongest beasts, before we meet the rest of the family. 

Most of them spawns from 4 up to 6 minions, that differ on their stats and between the kind of possible unit to be spawned by the same dragon as well. (Ex: Ancient Dragon spawns 4 draggies with HP:900, one by one), Ent Ancient Dragon can spawn 2 kind of units, Twisters (up to 6, HP:500. one by one) or the standard draggies (6 spawned at once, HP:160 each). The opposite case and exception, is the Core Ancient Dragon that do not spawn draggies at all.

All Ancients could be obtained by special offers or on sale by Unit Packs (at very high rates). There is no possible chance by using Soul Mixer.


Chained Ancient Dragon

Chained Ancient Dragon

The Ancient Dragons walk on 4 legs & remain on 4 legs. They can't walk on 2 or float off the ground like some other dragons such as the Epics. The only time they get on 2 legs is to perform a certain attack. They all seem to have sharp teeth in their mouths that seems to be a common ATK for this kind of gragons. These Ancient Dragons seem to be based slightly on the European dragons of their appearance.

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