Buildings are one of the main aspect of the game! Build to your resource desire! With the variety of building objects in the game, you can make a over-powered super empire, or just a small, lovely efficient empire! It's your imagination, so it's also your empire!


Basic Buildings

Town Hall



Soul mixer




Resource Buildings



Lumber Mill


Stone Mine


Gold Mine


Town Hall

  • Town Hall I
  • Town Hall II
  • Town Hall III
  • Town Hall IV

The Town Hall is the heart of any empire. When you attack another player, you need to destroy his or her Town Hall to complete the raid. The stats of your villager depends on the level of the Town Hall. The first Town Hall trains the Villager I who can gather 3 resources at a time. The Town Hall can be upgraded 4 times, TO Town Hall I, Town Hall II, Town Hall III, Town Hall IV. The higher level the Town Hall, the better the villagers will be.


The Barracks allow you to train footman units (eg. Spearman, Swordsman, long Swordsman, etc). When you upgrade the Barracks, the unit it can make will get stronger and stronger until it can't get any stronger. You can get different types of Barracks besides the Barracks I, Barracks II (and so on) such as the Egyptian quarters which trains the Egyptian Warriors.

Barracks I = Spearman

Barracks II = Swordsman
  • Spearman
  • Swordsman
  • Long Swordsman
  • Powerful Swordsman
  • Royal Swordsman

Barracks III = Long Swordsman

Barracks IV = Powerful Swordsman

Barracks V = Royal Swordsman

Aztec Quarters = Aztec Warrrior

Viking Quarters = Viking Warrrior

Egyptian Quarters = Egyptian Warrrior

Anubis Temple = Anubis Avatar
  • Aztec Warrior
  • Viking Warrior
  • Egyptian Warriror
  • Anubis Avavtar
  • Mummy
  • Atlantis Warriror
  • Neptune

Mummy Pyramid = Mummy

Atlantis Quarters = Atlantis Warrior

Neptunes Palace = Neptune

(Note: This is not the full list as some units cannnot be obtained with Barracks and Quarters.)

Soul Mixer

A building where you can get units by mixing 2 units. You can power up by cash to get stronger unit. Normally to get a unit, it will take several hours and days, with the maximum time of 5 day and 10 hours.The more your mixing units are rare, the better and longer the results will be obtained. If you get tired of waiting, you can speed up for cash. Later you will be able to learn the combination.

Defense Buildings

There many defends buildings, tower and wall for emplage.When being attacked by any enemy, they will have to pass or destroy these buildings. Just like Town Hall, they come in different types and levels, ranging from I to V. The higher its upgrades are, the better your defense will be.

Normal Towers:

Tower I

Tower II

Tower III

Tower IV

Tower V

Special Towers:

Oil Tower

Ice Tower

Fire Tower

Lightning Tower

Water Tower

Sky Towers:

Sky Tower I

Sky Tower II